Welcome to the website of Swiss Encorp Cooperative. We hope you agree with our goals and efforts and join to this international internet community, which allows you to profit in the future.

Private and legal persons can be members and also shareholders of our Cooperative after the registration and the payment of membership fee.

There are two ways to join; you can join as an investor or as a network assistant.

The investors get dividends of the shares based on the results of the Cooperative; the employees may receive a commission based on the work performed.

The Swiss Berger is waiting for the connectors and the investors from all countries of the World. Be the member and the owner of the global business scene.



Entwicklungsprozess, Development process...


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About us

The Swiss Encorp’s main activity is to get in to the international trade among the manufacturer or the producer and the wholesaler as a financer or a supplier.

In trade, the primary is the easy, rapid unbureaucratic financing. Banks are slow and risk averse, so the people in good financial state gain huge profits in the food–wholesale business while ordinary people are left out of these businesses, in turn the velocity of money is one of the highest in this case.

Our secondary goal is to financing existing businesses’ projects, what helps our medium-term plans. These are mainly additional financings for example presenting the contribution for an EU tender or for a bank loan. Our Cooperative only helps to its members, so each financing plan can get only to one member.

Our high-risk long-term plans are the inventions of inventors, primarily the investments and developing of energy sector, but we certainly not afraid of the financing the background of a big idea. 

It shows that the Swiss Encorp want to break the traditional business conception and want to become a market actor who develops, trades, founds companies in the same time and is not afraid of take a risk for our common future. Obviously it does not mean that we have to take part of every business but we expect of our members to walk in the World with open eyes and see every exciting and new investment opportunity where the money is the obstacle of realizing the business.



If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We answer in writing in 10 working day in English and German, in other languages it may take more time.




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